Stainless Food Processing Series

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    FK-89 Vegetable / Fruit Pre-Marinating Machine

    FK-89 is designed to puncture the skin of vegetable and fruit for marinating / pickling purpose. With this process, vegetable and fruit will be easy to soak seasonings and sauce. Vegetable and fruits are brought through stainless steel needles.After an automatically puncture to the skin, they would be carried out to an outlet automatically. Suitable for small sized fruit and vegetable, such as kumquat, olive, and plum.
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    FK-98S Automatic Weighting Type Classifying Machine for Steak

    FK-98-S is of FK-92 series. Designed for steak classifying, FK-98-S was made completely by stainless steel, which helps the machine easily to be cleaned, and practical to users. Suitable for food industry, aquatic products industry, meat processing industry. The sorting result is accurate, and fast. Ensuring your steak satisfying different market demand.