Rice Straw Rope Series

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    FK-1 Rice Straw Rope Processing Machine

    Designed for rice straw rope processing.
    With connection in series of 6 sets of steel scrapers to totally trim the rope, and strong resistant abrasion steel wheels to soften them, rice straw ropes become even and soft, coming to A grade exporting standard.
    Other features include: electronic controlling (with electric eyes in important parts), stable and rapid in production, automatic regulating to the weight of finished goods, and easy to load or remove the goods.
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    FK-2 Automatic Rice Straw Rope Maker

    Placing the straws on the ROPE MAKER, then the various straw-ropes from 8m/m to 13m/m will be automatically produced. Its features include: easily operating, fully automatic controlling, and it can work for long duration with high-speed.
    And the quality of produced straw-rope is soft, and even. It is the best choice of binding material, for the straw rope not only fully using the natural resource, but also meeting the demand of no pollution and nature-environmental protection.
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    FK-5 Straw Rope Maker

    Designed for straw rope processing.
    Rigidly design for producing straw rope with small horsepower. Rope quality can be ensured with cutter device. This machine can make Rush ropes, too.
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    FK-6 Dry Rice Straw Softening Machine

    Designed for softening dry rice straws, FK-6 helps straws become soft enough for knitting.
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    FK-7 Rice Straw Combing Machine

    FK-7 Rice Straw Combing Machine is designed to pre-process the straws for FK-2 AUTOMATIC STRAW ROPE MAKER. It can comb out the rough straws, and handle the inferior parts of straws by an active cutter.