Fruit Cleaning Series

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    FK-9L Agricultural Products Washing Machine

    * Suitable fruit include: potatoes, carrots,shaddocks, taros, lotus root, and jinjer…etc. It's popular among farmers' associations, processors of the exports in Taiwan.
    * With super washing capability, FK-9L Agricultural Products Washing Machine is designed for large amount of rhizome vegetable cleaning. The features include: 9 special design nylon brushes, rotating and reversing power switch, patented auto outlet, easy to control the amount of washed fruit, U-type structure to totally clean fruit. Allowing to wash by water or to dry-clean.
    Washed fruit becomes clean and beautiful after washing.
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    FK-10 Agricultural Products Washing Machine (with 4 brushes)

    *Suitable fruit include: Oranges, potatoes, carrots, shaddocks, jinjer, taros, and sugar canes.

    *FK-10 is of FK-9 series, which is suitable for washing smaller amount of fruit than FK-9. Using 4 special designed nylon brushes to clean fruit.  Allowing to wash by water or to dry-clean.
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    FK-10FD Agricultural Products Washing Machine (with 5 brushes)

    Totally made of # 304 stainless steel. With 5 special made nylon brushes and built in water pipe to clean vegetable and fruit thoroughly. Suitable fruit: Citrus, and root fruit, such as: potatoes, carrots, s haddock, gingers, taros, and sugar canes.
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    FK-W18 蕃茄香瓜清洗機

    FK-W18 Tomato/ cantaloupe washing machine

    • Designed to clean the fruit with fragile skin, such as tomatoes, cantaloupes, small melons, pears, and eggplants. Allowing to wash by water or to dry-clean.
    • Features include: economic and efficient, minimized size and would not take much space, patented soft nylon brushes, and would not hurt the skin of the fruit while washing.