Citrus Packing & Unpacking Series

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    FK-99 Automatic Fruit Bag-Packing Machine

    •Special design for automatic fruit bag packing.
    •Working efficiency reaches 2700±5% pieces.
    •With customers’ highly conscious of sanitation, fruit selling with plastic bags in the market is getting popular. Also, bag packing before storing can preserve fruit longer, and keep its water content, resulting in higher market price.
    •An electronic eye is set up in the conveyer to self-control the loading rate. Making FK-99 becomes a totally automatic fruit bag-packing machine.
    •Matching up with patented design bag tube, bag supplies automatically, fast, user friendly, and saving the plastic packing material.
    •Packing material is PE plastic with low density, helping the sealed part closed and looks neater.
    •FK-99 is the solution for shortage of manpower in fruit storing. And gets popular among fruit wholesale traders, and "Agricultural Production and Marketing Groups" in Taiwan market.
    •Suitable for oranges, lemons, persimmons, tomatoes, jujubes, and so on.
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    FK-90 Automatic Fruit Bag-Unpacking Machine

    •Loading a box of bag-packed fruit into the conveyer, the fruit then quickly get bag unpacked through a spiral axle one by one. The working efficiency reaches 3600 pieces ± 5% per hour.
    •The opened plastic waste bag would be collected into a bag by the forceful vacuum machine, making process neat, and convenient.
    •Matching up with patented design conveyer, which can be shared with FK-99, the fruit bag-unpacking machine can loading, unpacking automatically.