About us

Fong Chow
Fong Chow Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in Minxiong Township, Chiayi County in October 1964. At that time, the main service targets were limited to the agricultural areas of the Jianan Plain. Under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Guoxing, the business continues to expand, and the products are sold in mainland China, Southeast Asia and all over the world.
Chairman Zhang devoted his entire life to the research and development of agricultural machinery automation. For more than 50 years, it has solved the problems of grading, cleaning and reprocessing after harvesting agricultural products in various places. In the field of agricultural machinery automation, it tends to be an advanced position. Toyosu Company has developed products including cover automatic rope making machine series, citrus machinery series, sweet orange juice press, citrus bagging machine, bag unpacking machine series, balance type weight fruit sorting machine series, fruit washing machine series , Green fruit wax coating machine series, vacuum packaging machine, field cultivator series, fertilizer spreading machine, automatic rice milling machine series, air drum machine series, thresher and egg washing and egg selection machine series...... and other products. For agricultural machinery automation needs, Toyosu provides professional planning and technical services.